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Mollie Robinson

Mollie Robinson was diagnosed with a complete Atrio Ventricular Septal defect (AVSD) at eight weeks of age and had her first surgery at Oxford’s John Radcliffe in 2007 followed by a second operation in 2008. By the time she needed a further operation invasive surgery had stopped at Oxford and was being led by Southampton. Despite this change in service, Mollie’s Mum, Vittoria said:

“Obviously we would have gone to the ends of the earth for our daughter to receive the care she needed. Travelling to a new hospital could have been a problem, but Southampton was a straightforward trip from Oxford. We were offered the opportunity to meet the surgeon and the liaison nurses spent time with us and we visited the wards and PICU, so we knew exactly what to expect.

“We knew that the Oxford and Southampton teams were meeting regularly to discuss patients, so we felt really secure that Mollie’s care was understood properly. Mollie had her surgery at Southampton and was back home within a week, and any following appointments were at Oxford.

“Dealing with the same clinicians each time and getting to know the team so well has provided continuity during Mollie’s care and this has been really important to us. The experience has been a very positive one.”

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