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Felix Barrow

Felix Barrow was knocked down by a car outside his home in October 2015. He was flown to Southampton General Hospital by the air ambulance and placed in a coma. Among his many injuries, Felix suffered a traumatic brain injury which was potentially life-limiting and very severe.

Felix is now under the care of the Southampton Children’s Integrated Rehabilitation Team (SCRIT) consisting of Physiotherapists, Nurses, Occupational Therapists, Speech and Language Therapists, Dieticians and Play Specialists.

Felix walks through his front door for the first time since the accident.

Felix walks through his front door for the first time since the accident.

Felix has been receiving extremely intensive rehabilitation from all members of the multidiciplinary team, often with multiple sessions of therapy per day.  Felix has had rehabilitation 7 days a week with timetabled sessions of 45 minutes (physiotherapy twice a day Monday-Thursday, once a day on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  After 19 weeks from admission, the physiotherapists have delivered Felix an estimated 190 hours of rehabilitative physiotherapy including Christmas Day and Boxing Day.  Felix has also received in excess of 95 hours of OT rehabilitation, in excess of 50 hours of speech and language therapy and additional sessions for the other rehabilitation disciplines.  He also has support from the Child Brain Injury Trust family support worker and input from the Tadworth Brain Injury Specialist.  


Felix has also received input from the wider MDT including orthopaedics, ENT, Tracheostomy nurse specialist, infection control, neurosurgeons and orthotics.

Felix, a sports fan who had qualified for Team GB’s U13’s biathlon team by age 10, loves the physiotherapy sessions and calls them ‘training’. He is determined to walk unaided.

Felix and his story have featured in local newspapers, on local radio stations and on BBC South Today. Felix’s parents have set up “Fit for Felix” a charity raising money for Felix’s care when he is ready to return home but also for PICU at UHS and the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance.

Felix is learning to walk and talk again but it doesn’t stop him from interacting with everyone around him. When not undergoing therapy, he enjoys playing Fifa on his X-Box with two of his best friends and also plays board games with his family. Felix is very thankful for all the visitors that come to see him. Most notably are two sporting figures; Steven Davis from Southampton FC and Rob Hayles, three-time Olympic cycling medallist.

After 130 days in hospital, Felix was able to walk through his front door for the first time since his accident, with Mum and Dad’s assistance. This would not have been possible without the ongoing rehabilitation that has been provided. Felix is now mobilising indoors and in familiar outdoor environments with close supervision whilst also building up time in hospital school. Felix has been able to stay at home for the weekend and it is hoped that he will be able to return home each weekend whilst his rehabilitation continues during the weekdays.

Nan, Jean Reynolds, said “The staff are very responsive and when he found the high dependency unit too loud, they moved him to a side room which Felix was much happier with”.

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