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Declan Wilson

Declan Wilson, a 12 year old school boy, had been suffering with chronic fatigue when he developed an insidious onset of chronic leg and abdominal pain. This pain had been ongoing for a year and soon became so debilitating that Declan started missing school and using crutches.

Declan was referred to the Chronic Pain Team at Oxford University Hospitals and initially attended the Pain Education session which teaches children, young people and their families about pain and how to manage it. Declan found this extremely insightful and immediately stopped using his crutches.

A few months later after several sessions with the team, it was suggested Declan attend the two-week intensive rehabilitation programme. The programme is tailored to the individual’s needs and all members of the MDT (OT, PT, psychology, teaching) have several sessions with the patient over the two weeks. Declan started the rehabilitation programme in January 2016 and included personalised goal setting, hydrotherapy sessions, pacing advice and mindfulness sessions.

Declan’s mum, Mrs Wilson, commented “We found the team fantastic because they took the two weeks entirely at Declan’s pace and he could do it how he wanted. Declan is significantly better, he has gained so much confidence and has really blossomed. He is now attending school full time and participates in all P.E. sessions.”

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