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Bryn Baber-Day

Bryn Baber-Day suffered an ankle injury when using a trampoline in April 2014, the accident left him in agony.

The school boy from Oxford experienced pain from his ankle to his right wrist which developed into Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). The pain caused sleepless nights and eventually confined him to a wheelchair, affecting his entire life. CPRS is a condition that causes a person to experience persistent severe and debilitating pain.

Bryn was referred to the Oxford University Hospitals where it was suggested that part of his rehabilitation would be in the Virtual Gym. This is a high tech gym based at the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre in Headington which is helping to transform the lives of patients who need Rehabilitation or support with pain related issues.

The gym started to be used a year ago but was officially opened in June 2015 following a £50,000 investment which helped develop the facility. The gym features an interactive wall which patients can use to exercise as well as games console, bikes, treadmills and rowing machines.

The equipment is connected to a screen which displays the patient as an avatar exercising in different environments. The speed of the avatar is controlled by the patient’s movements – this is believed to engage the patient in activity and take the focus away from the pain.

Bryn was confined to a wheelchair for several months before being referred to the service, but now he is almost back to normal. He will continue to use the gym and can now enjoy being pain free.

Bryn said “The gym’s good – I think it’s helpful for people like me – I like the rowing machine the best.”

Bryn’s Mum, Mrs Day said: “It’s an amazing facility and Bryn loves the gym. Now his condition is almost completely better. I feel that without this facility he wouldn’t have got better. He is like a new child and now we can move forward as a family.”

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