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Some of our patients and their families/carers share their experiences of how Oxford and Southampton Children’s Hospitals Network have helped care for them.

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Bryn Baber-Day

Bryn Baber-Day suffered an ankle injury when using a trampoline in April 2014, the accident left him in agony. The school boy from Oxford experienced pain from his ankle to his right wrist which developed into Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). The pain caused sleepless nights and eventually confined him to a wheelchair, affecting his entire life. CPRS is a condition that […]

Charlie Pearson

Charlie Pearson first started experiencing chronic abdominal pain in 2013 which left him unable to play his favourite sport, basketball. Charlie first visited the team in July 2015 and after several psychology and occupational therapy sessions, Charlie attended the two week programme in January 2016. Charlie’s individual needs meant that psychology and occupational therapy sessions […]

Declan Wilson

Declan Wilson, a 12 year old school boy, had been suffering with chronic fatigue when he developed an insidious onset of chronic leg and abdominal pain. This pain had been ongoing for a year and soon became so debilitating that Declan started missing school and using crutches. Declan was referred to the Chronic Pain Team […]

Felix Barrow

Felix Barrow was knocked down by a car outside his home in October 2015. He was flown to Southampton General Hospital by the air ambulance and placed in a coma. Among his many injuries, Felix suffered a traumatic brain injury which was potentially life-limiting and very severe. Felix is now under the care of the […]

Mollie Robinson

Mollie Robinson was diagnosed with a complete Atrio Ventricular Septal defect (AVSD) at eight weeks of age and had her first surgery at Oxford’s John Radcliffe in 2007 followed by a second operation in 2008. By the time she needed a further operation invasive surgery had stopped at Oxford and was being led by Southampton. Despite this change […]

Ruby’ Story – Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis (ADEM)

  6 year old Ruby was admitted to the Oxford Children’s Hospital (CHOX) in June 2016 following rapid onset paraplegia and acute urinary retention. She was diagnosed with Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis (ADEM). She was initially seen by the acute multi-disciplinary team (MDT) which included Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Neurology and Speech and Language Therapy. After 1 […]

The Dyson Twins

The Dyson twins attended PICU due to bronchial problems. Ayden became unwell and was admitted to Stoke Mandeville Hospital. Two days later Holly became ill and was admitted to Southampton. Ayden then deteriorated and was moved to Oxford,by then a bed had become available so that Holly was able to join him just a few […]

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