Critical Care

Critical Care is an Operational Delivery Network – ODN.

The Paediatric Critical Care Operational Delivery Network (ODN) is a network between hospitals in Thames Valley and Wessex who care for the acutely unwell child. The main paediatric centres for trauma and intensive care in this area are based at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and University Hospitals Southampton NHS Foundation Trust. Many other hospitals across the area work collaboratively with them to ensure that pathways for children requiring high levels of care are safe and high quality.

The ODN is working with all of these hospitals to improve patient pathways, develop best practice and support excellent working relationships across the network. This will, ultimately, help us to care best for critically unwell children in Thames Valley and Wessex.

The specialist hospitals in the network provide data to PICANet which helps us understand how they are performing.

An nhsnetworks website is currently being implemented and will hold key information about the ODN and links to useful sites. It will include information on what we’re currently working on, and successes we have had.

Southampton Oxford Retrieval Team

The Southampton Oxford Retrieval Team (SORT) is a collaborative partnership between two paediatric intensive care units (PICUs). It delivers expert paediatric critical care to hospitals throughout the south of England and is part of the Children’s Hospitals Network.

Emergency DepartmentReferral calls are made to the SORT hotline. Depending on the clinical need the team will provide advice or arrange retrieval. If there is no bed in Southampton or Oxford then SORT will find a bed in the nearest PICU and transfer the patient.

SORT co-ordinate specialist advice for complex patients and if the patient is known to a particular centre we will endeavour to transfer to that hospital.

The retrieval team consists of a doctor, specialised retrieval nurse and either a medical technician or a St John’s ambulance driver. A PICU consultant is available at all times for advice if not part of the team.

For more informtion, please see

Mike Linney, Clinical Lead, Critical Care ODN, Thames Valley & Wessex

Carolyns Cairns, Network Manager, Cardiac ODN, Thames Valley & Wessex










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