Children’s Cardiac Service

Cardiac is an Operational Delivery Network – ODN

Since children’s heart surgery stopped in Oxford in 2010 the service has been led by Southampton. This has provided an opportunity to utilise specialist skills and knowledge  and an improved patient pathway. Children continue to receive their cardiology care in Oxford, while surgery and interventional procedures are carried out at Southampton.

A single clinical team works between both centres to ensure that children receive the benefits of the concentration of expertise that complex surgery requires, whilst at the same time maintaining the maximum possible range of services and expertise locally.

The partnership provides services to children from a wide geographical area and receives referrals from 23 district general hospitals stretching as far north as Northamptonshire and as far south as Cornwall and the Channel Islands. Both hospital Trusts are committed to ensuring that each individual child is treated in the best place for them whether that is at home, or in their local hospital at Southampton or Oxford.

Kevin Roman, Clinical Lead, Cardiac ODN, Thames Valley & Wessex

Carolyns Cairns, Network Manager, Cardiac ODN, Thames Valley & Wessex










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